Monday, June 29, 2009

The Bryce Canyon

Source: top image by Howard. A. Knudsen, bottom 2 unkown.

Annabel Mehran

Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2010 mensss

I adore this collection. Those creams and whites mixed with the warm browns occasionally throughout and then the splash of colour in the flower print on the back of semi transparent shirt = absolutelllly wonderful. This collection is better than morphine yeh, its uber relaxing. Source:

Lanvin Mens Spring 2010

Indian men have been onto the suit + sandals look for yearsss. Am rather glad its catching on because I love it.

Ann Demeulemeester Mens Spring 2010


Sources: TFS, Street Peeper, The Sartorialist, Sea of Shoes.

My Favourite Hang Over Cures.

Whenever your spirits are low and you're not feeling overly cerebral, waaaaatch these.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

thanks knight cat, you're a good egg.

Knight Cat just has shed some light on what was a SLIGHTLY irksome problem. For some months I had several pictures saved of some street fashion snaps of this one girl who I thought had ze best style I'd seen going in a while and I had sighed to myself and wondered "who is this beauty who has ensnared my partialities so completely?" many a time (usually whilst staring into the distant horizon, nursing my brandy with show tunes playing softly in the background - yes I'm that kind of drunk). I had resigned myself to never knowing. BUT THEN! In my saturday-night-no-money-because-you-spent-it-last-night-and-on-ebay-so-now-you-must-sit-at-home-bordeom I decided to peruse my list of usual blogs. And there she was on knight cats blog - with a name put to her face no less. My street style muse is... Pamela Love. This may not make for very interesting reading but I tell you people, it has certainly made my evening far more fruitful than anticipated. So naturally upon discovering the identity of this goddess, I googled her like you wouldn't believe. Here now are the results of my forage. Enjoy. Thanks knight cat, you have made me very happy!
Sources: Refinery29, knight cat, google.