Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Miranda has no will but WILL go to hell.

So I caved and broke my "no more purchasing of brand new clothes - vintage only save the trees and your own consience rule" (yet) again. I prefer to blame my sins on other people - in this case, the university system. A plague upon your sandstone clad faculties for making me sit 4 exams in 5 days (I'm perfectly aware my spanish is not good and I really don't need a 10 minute speaking exam to tell me so)! Fuck you higher education, LOOK at what you've done to me. No actually, to us - It's your planet too. Sheeesh. Anywho, here are the fruits of my deviancy. A wickkkked all over union jack print knit cardigan dealy was also purchased but I can't find it on ASOS to *right click, save as* show you all (/both).

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