Friday, June 26, 2009

And this is my idea of hell.

I cannot express to you just how ridiculously (and irrationally since I have little chance of ever encountering one in ze wild THANK GOD) terrified I am of crocodiles. I read a book about them a few years ago. There are accounts of them lying in wait in the surf in Far North Queensland (Australia) and then leaping forth from the surf and snatching tourists taking an early morning beach stroll. HOW AWFUL! What is a crocodile doing at the beach?! They are sposed to be in the rivers and creeks where they belong and where I know to stay out of! So now I am probably the only one at the beach more concerned about crocodile rather than shark attack. Almost all of my nightmares (I mean uh not that I ahh have many now that I'm an adult..) involve these fuckers. They are beautiful in their own horrifying kind of way though.

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