Saturday, June 27, 2009

thanks knight cat, you're a good egg.

Knight Cat just has shed some light on what was a SLIGHTLY irksome problem. For some months I had several pictures saved of some street fashion snaps of this one girl who I thought had ze best style I'd seen going in a while and I had sighed to myself and wondered "who is this beauty who has ensnared my partialities so completely?" many a time (usually whilst staring into the distant horizon, nursing my brandy with show tunes playing softly in the background - yes I'm that kind of drunk). I had resigned myself to never knowing. BUT THEN! In my saturday-night-no-money-because-you-spent-it-last-night-and-on-ebay-so-now-you-must-sit-at-home-bordeom I decided to peruse my list of usual blogs. And there she was on knight cats blog - with a name put to her face no less. My street style muse is... Pamela Love. This may not make for very interesting reading but I tell you people, it has certainly made my evening far more fruitful than anticipated. So naturally upon discovering the identity of this goddess, I googled her like you wouldn't believe. Here now are the results of my forage. Enjoy. Thanks knight cat, you have made me very happy!
Sources: Refinery29, knight cat, google.

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