Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yay number 1: exams are finishedddd (woooooot wooooot woooooot) (annnnd one more for the rd, wooot)

Yay number 2: My broadband allowance refreshed itself todayyyy (which means a return to sporadic bloggen bloggin bloggon)

Yay number 3: The exam induced purchasing russshhh of clothes (online shopping is number 1 in my arsenal of heavy procrastination artillery) resulted in 3 consecutive days of parcel delivery to my haus (I believe the post woman thinks I have a problem and I am sure she is giving me somewhat judgemental looks behind those all purpose sunglasses of hers). Each parcel bore fruit more delicious than the last - which means once I buy batteries for ze digi, expect my face to be poppin up all over de place via outfit posts aiiight.

Yay number 4: My friends have also finally finished their exams too! so today one of my fellow unviresity peers and I are going to the Da'vinci inventions exhibition (did you know he invented the bike?! And I think maybe scissors too but I may have made that up - shall get back to you post exhibition), american impressionism/realism exhibition and then I'm going to sit by the river with my friend and eat froghurt - which given my DRAMATIC love of yoghurt/frozen foods I shall be able to more competently appreciate the quality of than say an 1855 landscape by *insert relevant american impressionist/realist here*. yeaaa boi. And then tomorrow my other friend is going to continue my induction into the comic book worldwhilst chastising me for not reading the piles AND piles of books he suggested last time we met. skeeet skeeet. I love end of exams.

p.s went to the exhibition and no scissors in sight - however Da'vinci designed a lot of nasty naval warships that manage to be simultaneously both horrifying yet entirely logical..

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